Wonderland Grading System

Note: The information below is no longer relevant as the Wonderland Greyhound Park is no longer operational. The purpose of this information is to serve as a historic guide as to the way the grading system used to work at Wonderland.

A, B, C, D, J and M

After sufficient schooling, the greyhounds shall be placed in grades, taking into consideration the past performance from other tracks as well as schooling races at Wonderland. There will be four grades for experienced greyhounds. They shall be designated as Grades A, B, C, and D. There will also be two grades for young greyhounds, starting their careers at Wonderland M (maiden) and J (juvenile)

Stake races will be designated as Grade S. Non-betting Grade D and Grade E races may be run. These will be considered part of the Grading System.

At Wonderland Park, in addition to the above, the following rules shall apply:

  1. An additional T Grade designated shall be used as follows:
    1. The Racing Secretary may draw or make a T race consisting of greyhounds of any combination of grades or the same grade. These races will count as part of the grading system.

  2. A greyhound may be regraded at any time by the Racing Secretary, but not more than one grade higher or lower. This will be indicated by this symbol (+) shown on the greyhounds last line.

  3. A greyhound will be advanced one grade upon winning until reaching Grade A except the winner of a Maiden or Maiden Graduation Race will be advanced to Grade J. 

  4. Greyhounds are lowered a grade as follows:
    1. Greyhounds competing in grades A, B, and C failing to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in three consecutive starts or failing to earn more than one 3rd in four consecutive starts shall be lowered one grade.
    2. Grade D greyhounds may fail to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in six consecutive starts before being lowered.

  5. Maidens and Juveniles
    1. A maiden is a greyhound, which has never won an official race. Greyhounds racing in the maiden and J grades will be eligible to continue racing in their respective grades until the arrival of the month in which they will become 2 years of age. They will then race in Grade D. Overage maidens shall be designated by the letter (M) on the program after their names.
    2. The winner of a Maiden or Maiden Graduation race will advance to Grade J, upon winning a J grade race the greyhound will advance to Grade C.

      J eligible greyhounds failing to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in three consecutive starts shall be lowered to grade D. These greyhounds will be allowed four starts in D to attain a fourth before being dropped from further use. 

      Greyhounds of the Maiden age dropping from Grade C will one again enter Grade J. 

  6. Maiden and Juvenile (J) greyhounds entered for the Revere Course (3/8ths) and Wonderland Course (7/16ths) will (when insufficient entries within that grade are available) compete with grade D's while carrying their grade (M or J) next to their name and maidens will follow that grades procedures in reference to the number of starts allowed. 

  7. Grade D greyhounds failing to finish fourth or better while competing in stake events will not have those lines count in the grading system toward dropping them into Grade E or from further use. 

  8. Greyhounds racing in Grade E will be dropped from further use should they fail to run fourth or better in four consecutive starts. Greyhounds racing in Grade M will be dropped from further use should they fail to run fourth or better in seven consecutive starts. 

  9. If a greyhound falls in a race or is interfered with it shall count as a start in the grading system, exception: greyhounds racing in Grade D or Grade M will not have these lines count toward being graded off. 

  10. These rules are subject to change.

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