Greyhound Racing Tracks

This page features a listing of resources including links to tracks in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. In all these countries greyhound racing and pari-mutuel betting on greyhound racing is popular.

Greyhound Tracks

United States Greyhound Tracks

Below is a listing of tracks still operating within the United States organized by the state in which they are located. With more and more efforts on a state by state basis eliminate greyhound racing it's possible that eventually these links will no longer function.

Alabama Greyhound Tracks

Arizona Greyhound Tracks

Arkansas Greyhound Tracks

Iowa Greyhound Tracks

Florida Greyhound Tracks

Texas Greyhound Tracks

Wyoming Greyhound Tracks

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UK Greyhound & Dog Racing Tracks

Below you'll find a listing of UK greyhound and dog racing tracks that are still operational.

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Australian Greyhound & Dog Racing Tracks

Greyhound racing is rather popular in Australia you can tell by the number of operational tracks located in Australia. Below you'll find a listing organized by Australian territory in relation to greyhound tracks.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales


Southern Australia



Western Australia

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New Zealand Greyhound Tracks

Individuals from New Zealand really enjoy greyhound racing and betting on greyhound racing. As such there are a few greyhound racing tracks located in New Zealand.

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